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Family Promise

Homelessness is one of the most challenging social issues impacting Hawaii, especially Honolulu.  Holy Nativity Church Outreach program belongs to the “Shallow Subsidy” movement. We sponsor one family, per year, and the money we provide, helps families find jobs and accommodation, helps pay the rent, and generally helps support the family for one year while they get back on their feet and out of homelessness.  This program has a very high rate of success, and we have been supporting this program since 2017 and hope to continue for as long as is necessary.

Flag Project

We provide neon orange flags in containers on either end of pedestrian crosswalks near Holy Nativity Church and School, and at  various intersections in and around the Kalaniana'ole Highway for pedestrians to wave while crossing the street in front of traffic. 


Our goal is to make the crosswalks safer for children of our School and the community in general.

Samaritan Counseling Center

2019 was the 30th anniversary of this wonderful institution within Hawai'i.  They describe their mission as a place that provides professional and accessible mental health counseling sensitive to the spiritual traditions of individuals, families and communities in Hawaii. As well as members of the church (including clergy) being on the board, we, as a church community, contribute financially to this organization.

Lemonade Project

Facilities on our campus are used for sports and social activities of all kinds.  The school uses it mostly in the daytime, but we have guests from all over the island using it at night. 

We serve ice cold lemonade to our guests, players and audience, to keep them hydrated and comfortable on hot sultry nights once a week with the assistance of volunteers from our congregants, older children, and young adults who wish to do community service.

Prison Ministry

We gift money to the prison Reentry Alms Fund to assist with rehabilitation of prisoners back into society. Following this gift, a report is sent to the church, to be shared with the congregation, with requests for prayers.

Joint Events With Our School

Church members assist in a variety of activities held by our school, including:


  • Bingo nights 

  • Family movie nights with refreshments provided by the Church

  • Toys for children in need

  • Easter Egg Hunt after the Easter day service

  • Good Friday exhibition of art by our children

  • Sale of Christmas cards and note cards with pictures of the church and school on them

  • Food bank drive

For more information call 808.373.2131

or send us an email at



The Order of the Daughters of the King is open to all women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with the Episcopal Church, or churches in the Historic Episcopate.


Our membership includes women in the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic churches.

We are an Order, not an organization. A daughter pledges herself to a life-long program of prayer, service, and evangelism, dedicated to the spread of Christ's Kingdom and to the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish. Daughters of the King have made the commitment to serve God and wear crosses as an outward and visible sign that they cannot live a day without Christ in their lives.


They are a community of nurturing women, accepting all people, bridging differences and cherishing traditions. Moving toward the 21st century, empowered by the Holy Spirit, their vision is to encourage and enable all to be reflections of God's love, reaching out through prayer, service and evangelism to spread His kingdom.

For more information visit or 

or send us an email at

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