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Baptism is a ritual of inclusion and belonging that indicates our desire to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church. We baptize adults and infants in the Episcopal Church on the belief that God's love extends to everyone regardless of their age. Baptism almost always takes place within the Sunday Eucharist.

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Reaffirmation is for people who are already confirmed in the Episcopal Church, but are presented to the Bishop during the service of Confirmation to "reaffirm" their Christian vows.  These may be people who have been away from the church for a period of time and want to make a new beginning; others may sense that they are at a new stage in their spiritual lives and want to affirm this.


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Reception is reserved for those who have already been confirmed in another denomination.  This is a way of recognizing and honoring those who have made a mature confession of faith and welcome them into the fellowship of the Episcopal Church.  They are also presented to the Bishop during the confirmation ceremony.

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Confirmation is the adult affirmation of our baptismal vows and commitment to Christ.  There is no age requirement; the decision is determined by each individual as they are led by the Holy Spirit.  Confirmation classes are normally planned in conjunction with the island-wide Regional Confirmation Ceremony conducted by the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii that usually takes place in the spring. 

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Our covenantal life with God is expressed in relationships of commitment and faithfulness, including those of same-sex couples. It is the Church’s joy to celebrate relationships as signs of God’s love, to pray for God’s grace to support couples in their life together, and to join with these couples in our shared witness to the gospel in the world.

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